So I am truly trying to make a difference with my youtube videos. I have realized something. . . I have a bad lisp! I didn’t know how bad it was until I had to hear myself played back! No one has ever told me I have a lisp!


Clucking chickens never hush They always run their mouths to much. Clucking, pecking at the dirt, Spitting hissing words that hurt Clucking chickens always lie, Stupid chickens never try. Ugly chickens only hurt Themselves from pecking at the dirt.

Cursed Child

They were so intent on creating a pacifistic society that they failed to realize the wrath that such a society would cause. The people of Heaven simply refused to listen. They ignored our existence. They ignored our suffering. The Nephalim were hated and cast out from Heaven. The off breed was such a disgusting sight … More Cursed Child

To My Children

My life is full of heartfelt hugs, wiping tears, and tiny clothes.My arms are full of love to give for bringers of each of those.My head can rest near curly hair, softened breaths, and sleepy eyes;Wrapped in my arms safe and warm is where my babies lie.My world revolves around early days, loud car trips, … More To My Children

For those who know

No credit to me, all goes to Beanie Meadow. For those who don’t know me, I will be entering nursing school this coming June and graduating from CHCP in May with my Associates in Healthcare Management with an applied science degree. This song speaks very true to me minus not knowing what I’m doing. I … More For those who know